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           Ben Ryan Metzger is a writer and performer for film, TV, and radio.  Ben’s original creations have been showcased to millions around the world featured most notably on Shaqtin’ A Fool, UK Television, Captain America, CBS Sports Radio. Specifically in the arts Ben Ryan Metzger is a singer, songwriter, dancer, composer, actor, martial artist, motivational speaker, comedian, director, and philosopher.  In Ben’s early career as a teenager he worked as a peer mediator, counselor, personal trainer, nutritionist, natural drug free bodybuilder, massage therapist, and agriculturalist.  Ben is often compared to Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Bruce Lee though his art is uniquely his own.  Ben writes his music, creates his own freestyle dancing, and performs his personal martial art only as exhibition to inspire and entertain.  Ben invented his super staffs to best showcase his abilities and believes martial artistry should be used as exercise and defense of justice. He loves and respects sports though Ben has declined to play sports or to fight because he does not believe in hurting others.

            Of special honor: at age 11 Ben was selected by a group of top teachers to be trained in psychology and sociology to work as a peer mediator helping to counsel and mentor troubled youth and assisting law enforcement endeavors to work for peace and positive change.  Ben believes giving is living and has been honored to work with various charitable causes including Habitat For Humanity and after school programs. His hobbies include traveling to learn from new cultures, four wheeler riding, and Ben Ryan Metzger’s favorite thing is making people smile.  Ben’s most cherished three words are peace, love, and kindness as he continues to strive for greatness to create the most incredible art beyond imagination to give positive energy to our world.