Currently Ben is pursing his passion of singing, dancing, and songwriting.  Known for his artistic and powerful moves during his bodybuilding career he is now working on developing his skills of singing, dance, and stage performance to take his craft beyond the highest level imaginable.
                Ben Ryan Metzger has been an actor, writer, director, cinematographer, and editor since he was ten years old.  Ben has worked on film, television, and has performed at many live stand up comedy events.  Ben has worked as a farmer, personal trainer, athlete, media consultant, and motivational speaker while also working as a mediator and counselor since the age of fourteen. Ben is a lifetime drug free athlete. After deciding to continue to live drug free he retired from athletics and pursed acting, commercials, and stand up comedy.  He is most humbly recognized as Captain America due to his resemblance and portrayal of the character.  On the comedy stage Ben is seen uniquely in character in his portrayal of his original beloved character Bo James.
       Ben is known for his hard work ethic, extensive preparation, and strong support of other actors when on set.  Ben believes that acting is truly a team effort and that every actor is an important piece of the puzzle. Whether he is in the lead or in a supporting role Ben gives his best to be a positive and supportive influence to everyone working on the set. Ben is also known for following direction extremely well, always being open to constructive criticism, and being fun and easy to work with.  Ben has won several acting, directing, and cinematography awards throughout his life. Having the unique experience of being a mediator and counselor since his youth Ben uses his insights into so many different people’s thought processes and wide ranging emotions to bring to life the best realistic portrayal of the various characters he becomes on the set.  Ben passionately loves acting and loves to work with those who share his desire to create awesome entertainment and portray incredible stories on the screen.  
          Ben's independently created films have been seen by millions of people around the world. Ben is most known for Captain America Legacy which he made as a tribute to the loyal comic book fans who created videos, pictures, and media identifying him as the real life persona of the comic legend.